I know people say this alot about sequels, but this is not a Max Payne game...at all. It's not even noir/Matrix...

User Rating: 5 | Max Payne 3 PC
I know people say this alot about sequels, but this is not a Max Payne game...at all. It's not even noir/John Woo. I guess Rockstar had enough noir with L.A. Noire, so they even skipped the John Woo hard-boiled stuff and just used some American b-movie ish. And I don't mean Matrix Revolutions. I thought people were kidding when they said it was like a movie, but they were serious, I found I was barely playing in the first 30 minutes and finally when the action got rolling it's really bad. I noticed in the video playthrough Carolyn did that it didn't seem action packed and I was correct. This game, like the original two was made as a console shooter (which I still love), so they don't want you to be fooling around too much with precision. The level after the helicopter seems set-up purely to use shootdodge on every encounter. I died so often, like I'm playing an NES game where skill was less important than trial and error, you often have to start extremely far back in a scene and watch the cutscene over. I just gave up and went to bed. That's not called rage-quitting or frustration, that's just boredom. It's that bad. I can tell Carolyn wasn't genuine with her review now. I tried to have fun by doing silly things like jumping off stair cases and high up places and noticing mostly Max can fall as high as Mario, unless it's "off a cliff" then only in that case he dies.

Anyway, I didn't actually intend to review the game. I'm not even disappointed, I just had to compare it to Alan Wake who was created by Max Payne's original creators. Alan Wake not only has better action than Max Payne and better writing, it feels more like Max Payne than Max Payne 3. Alan Wake's dodge will give you more thrills than Max Payne 3's shootdodge. I was going to say they took Remedy's old hard drives, but that's not true as Max Payne 3 looks nothing like Alan Wake, which is very artistic and stylized with great lighting effects. Max Payne 3 merely feels like a Grand Theft Auto game with better shooting. It doesn't even have a good sense of humor about itself. For Max Payne fans, there you have it. Alan Wake is the sequel you were looking for.

For PC guys, since this was the final reason I purchased this game, you won't notice a difference in this or console's graphics. The higher resolution textures means no stretching when close up (except for the odd texture here and there), and I really haven't noticed any akward sharp models due to the tessellation, but it's not Crysis 2 impressive, it's more like Deus Ex Human Revolutions that it just keeps you immersed graphically. You'll need 2gb of texture memory or more to enable MSAA, which I'm sure is just a bit better than FXAA because I rarely noticed the edges dancing in parts where there wasn't alot of motion. All of that really doesn't matter because it doesn't have drastically improved lighting or anything like Alan Wake or Alan Wake American Nightmare (which is eye candy for DX10+). It's basically as fast as you would expect on console, and has good enough textures to run in 1080p over 720p, which makes it sharper, but graphically, it's still not that impressive.

Max Payne 3 is just another substandard shooter. Kane & Lynch is better...and by that, I mean Kane & Lynch is like a 7 or 7.5 (Kane & Lynch 2 might be an 8), this is a 5 or lower. I won't play the multiplayer except maybe to test it out--currently I cycle in and out of playing online shooters while I'm playing Diablo 3. Final Judgement is that if you were curious about this game on PC, move along, nothing to see here. Very bad review Gamespot. Keep in mind that I'm a grown man with money and I can make my own experiment, parents will be buying this crap for their kids/teenagers regardless of how violent it is. Your recommendations will cause alot of people to lose money, not everything can be overhyped into having people enjoy it. Shame Gamespot.

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