It's the most stylish shooter you will ever play. Max Payne is back and is as low as can be... But.. there is a but

User Rating: 9 | Max Payne 3 PC
Hey I don't usually do reviews in this way but I believe it will let you know easily if this game is for you or not.. Max payne is back and is as stylish as ever but there is something!


.Shooting is stylish, destructive and flashy

.Blood (may not be for everyone but brutal is good in my eyes) blood squirts, soaks into shirts, leaks down in certain directions depending on where the body is slumped and the sound effects of squirting are nasty.

.The voice acting is amazing!

.Story is decent and dark. It will make you feel low at points and will make you feel disturbed quite a lot.

.Did I mention the graphics on full are incredible

. Environments are amazing and very destructible!


.The gameplay IS repetitive, it plays more of an extremely polished and styled Stranglehold but with the Max payne mood in it!

.Like really repetitive

.Whilst environments are amazing, you will find you mainly walk into a room, take cover, shoot from cover mostly always head shots, move to next area and Repeat. You don't really find yourself making the most of it.

.The ending is amazing, but could have a little bit extra on the last scene!

BUT the game is still amazing even with these faults.Play it!
It's brutal and deep. Let me know what you think.