Who Needs Top of the Line Graphics When you Have Some of the Best Physics to Date?

User Rating: 9.5 | Max Payne 3 PS3
Max Payne 3 is a number of things. It's challenging, it's gritty, it's dark and it's awesome to look at. Rockstar doesn't disappoint even when it strays away from it's open world claim to fame.

Story - 9/10
Though the story loses your interest towards the end, its just too awesome playing a game from a First Person (narration) perspective too rank the story down. Occasionally cheesy, Max's lines are superbly written and keep the game feeling personal, and the voice actor is very talented.

Gameplay - 10/10
Single Player
The single player is where the game truly shines in my opinion. The gameplay and cutscenes flow flawlessly together and it has no loading screens proving how much loading screens really interfere with the flow of the game. The gunplay is awesome, and the fact that every bullet is rendered is very noticeable, especially when you pop into slow motion and your able to see every bullet coming at you. The deaths on single player are brutal, with brutal amounts of blood and some of the best human reactions/movements ever. The final killcam in each gunfight tops it off brutally, and the ability to make it go even slowly adds a nice touch. Not to mention even on Medium difficulty the game still provides a hefty challenge.

Multi Player
I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the Multi Player played out completely different from the Single Player. The brutal kills are toned down, and bullets are no longer quite as precisely rendered, but now every gun fight needs to be played strategically. Using your bursts doesn't guarantee a kill, but instead has to be planned right. The loadout customization is very extensive, with tons of weapons, perks, armor, bursts, and character looks, maybe some of the most in depth on consoles. I can tell I'll play this for months to come and maybe even get the DLC. Game modes like Gang Wars and Payne Killers are a nice, hectic change from the norm.

Re-Playability - 9/10
I'm already excited to go back and do hardcore difficulty on story, and the multiplayer is entertaining as hell.

Graphics/Sound - 9.5/10
Though the texture and model qualities aren't quite top of the line, the look of the game is still incredible due completely to bullet time and the awesome human physics. The cutscenes are presented very stylishly and did not give me a headache like others have said.
The sound is pristine, and all the main voice actors do a wonderful job.

Uniqueness - 10/10
Max Payne is still the only series to get that "You're playing The Matrix" feeling down right. All the slow mo and bursts are almost completely unique to the series.

If you like Max Payne 1 + 2 you'll love this, and if you like Rockstar's other stuff, you'll love this. Truly one of the best Third Person Shooters of this generation.