What do you unlock when you beat the game?

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I beat the game the other day but didn't notice any unlocks. Are there any and what are they? I thought you're supposed to get some multiplayer skins or something for beating the game.

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...found it.

-Beat the Game: Unlock New York Minute mode in Arcade mode
-Beat the Game (Medium): Unlock Character Select option in Arcade mode
-Beat the Game (Hard): Unlock Old School and Hardcore difficulty levels, Unlimited Painkillers cheat
-Beat the Game (Old School): Unlock Max Payne Advanced character model
-Beat the Game (Hardcore): Unlock One Hit Kill cheat
-Collect all Golden Gun parts (Story Mode): Unlock unlimited ammo
-Collect all clues (Story Mode): Unlock constant bullet time cam
-Earn all Gold awards (Score Arcade): Unlock unlimited bullet time


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How do you get the Max Payne, Fabiana, etc... skins for multiplayer?

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I beat the game on hard(not hardcore), and I unlocked the one bullet kill cheat.