We're allowed to curse in MP right?

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This is mature rated game. So, we won't get banned for cursing will we? I mean, your character even curse. I'm just curous because I've been cursing out people I suspect of cheating like crazy, calling them everything in the book and then some. lol

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Curse to your hearts content haha. Nothing is going to happen.
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Lol yeah go for it What kind of cheating goes on anyway? I've played a fair few times and not noticed anything obvious, maybe I'm just giving people too much credit for assuming they killed me fairly, I tend to die a lot so it goes unnoticed lol.
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From what I've been told, the only way you can get banned or suspended for cursing is by playing in a game with a microsoft employee, then you actually have to upset that employee.


I've had my xbl account since before the 360, and I swear like a sailor. I've never once gotten in trouble, or banned, or anything like that.


But there was one time I was playing on my friends account on call of duty 4, some guy said he was a microsoft employee, so I said he was full of it. About an hour later my friends account was suspended. I forget how long for, but it couldn't have been longer than a few days.


So whether or not you are allowed to curse, isn't actually based on the game. Its based on the fact that you are swearing on xbox live (at least from what I understand). No rockstar employee is going to ban you for swearing, but a microsoft employee might.

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I posted this in the wrong forum. lol ...thought it was the PC version of Max Payne 3 forums. lol I know Microsoft can ban you if someone reports you too, you'd have to be a real punk to do that though, unless they're threatening your life or something.

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I'm going nuts, now it says it is the PC forum for Max Payne 3 again. :lol:

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I'm going nuts, now it says it is the PC forum for Max Payne 3 again. :lol:

That makes two of us. Except the PC part.