Unable to do fullscreen with DX10 or DX11

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Anyone else having this problem? If i select DX10 or DX11, the game goes into window mode and doesn't change any graphics setting. DX9 works fine.

I am wondering if there is a solution. All my drivers are upto date. I have a GTX 570.

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BUMP for FFS. This is so bloody F'ing annoying. Is THERE NO SOLUTION TO THIS ****

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I don't know for you guys but if you have Team Viewer running it may cause this issue. Just shut down mine and it's fine now.

You could also try to hit ALT+ENTER when the game is launched!

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Hmm, I do have Teamviewer installed. It's in the background, with an icon in the taskbar. But it's not "running" per se, it's not connected to another PC or anything like that. I will try to remove it from the taskbar and try again. Thanks!

Alt+Enter doesn't work - it attempts to go fullscreen but returns back to window mode defeated.

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Yup, shutting down Teamviewer did the trick. Awesome!