Those who beat the game... did you do this? SPOILERS

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Did anyone else play the piano? That was such a nice touch!

Every time you see a piano, hit triangle (or Y) to play it. It's awesome!

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You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish.

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Max Payne 2 had the same thing. I love all the little touches. I was actually a little disappointed when you couldn't use the soda machines anymore. 

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Did not know! :O thanks for the little tip sure will try it second time through!

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yes i played it :D

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I know about it, but for some reason I keep forgetting to find and play them. Only have the first two of the four so far.

The "tune a fish" for some odd reason reminded me of something you'd hear in the dialog of GTA IV. "Porta Fortuna", which means it carries luck, in Italian. If there's one thing Max is, it's lucky. They say you have to be relaxed to take a fall well. Must be all that booze. :P

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The piano was cool, but the major disappointment to me was no LORDS AND LADIES!

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Hello everyone, I had a very precise question concerning Max Payne 3 for those who are picky about realism in video games: Does anyone know if, in Max Payne 3, the bad guis, once dead, stay on the floor ??? I mean: when you go as far as you can go and then come back right to the beginning, if the guis we first shooted stayed there or just disappeared and there are only the weapons left ??? I know in the previous Max Payne, Remedy put a lot on efforts on making the corpses stay on the floor and use sufficient graphic memory to make them all stay during the game. And please do you know any other games for sure where dead guis stay on the floor and do not disappear ever ? (Except Hitman or splinter cell which I already have) I thank you a lot for your help ! Charles, 24 yeard old French player
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Well I found what I think is the 3rd piano in the game last night. So only one more to go I guess.

The TV in general is disappointing in MP3. Not only no Lords and Ladies, no porn that the thugs are watching, and most of it is in Portuguese so you can't even understand it.

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captain basebal bat boy!

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I only remember playing 3 but I guess I played 4 because he finished the song on the last one I used.