They Should Make a MONA SAX PC GAME!!!

#1 Posted by Ana-Marya (18 posts) -

What would you say if there was a game based on the life of Mona Sax?

I think it would be so interesting to see her psychological and emotional evolution from the time she met Max Payne, and it would be really great to know more about her past. 

Just imagine all the stuff that hasn't been said about her, and about her actions throughout the Max Payne games.

I would like to hear  some thoughts from you, and hopefully someone will read this and maybe, just maybe, the idea is not so bad after all and Rockstar Studios will think about it.

Thank you very much, and I am looking forward to hear your thoughts!

#2 Posted by Frag_Maniac (2059 posts) -

Doubt it will ever happen. Mona was an interesting character and rather saxy, but they already had you playing as her in parts of MP2, and she is not a big enough character in the MP universe to be given a game of her own.

They seem to leave off at the end of MP3 with a possible hint that Passos and Payne will square off eventually. I get the feeling Giovanna will get killed by thugs tracking them down and Passos will blame it on Max's violence towards them.


#3 Posted by JDFS (632 posts) -
My thought is I wouldn't buy the game...