Story won't continue. Only "new" and "chapter select" avalia

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I started a new game earlier today on hard. I got to chapter 3 and shut off the system. I come back to play more and it won't let me continue my story. I can only start a new game and select chapters. If I pick chapter select and start back at 3 will I still get the trophy for beating the game on hard?

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Bandit, When you started your new game, did you start it from the chapter select screen or from a new game? If you did it from chapter select, then your progress is not saved. If you had stopped in the middle of the chapter, it would not save it. You would have to manually start from where you left off by clicking the checkpoint number on the chapter select screen. I am not certain if you will get the trophy by playing chapter select. The safe bet is to start a new game. All your progress for golden guns, clues and grinds carries over to a new game. I hope this helps. Your fellow gamer, Dandi - PSN: theluh
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Thanks for the replay. I started it from a new game. I don't know maybe it was just a glitch or something. I started it over again just to be safe and its saving now.

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Good luck. I am sure that was frustrating. At least you did not make it through the first 13 chapters and that happened. That would have royally sucked. Your fellow gamer, Dandi - PSN: theluh