Should I play 1 and 2 first..?

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I absolutely hated it when people continuously asked this question in the forums of other franchises with which I am familiar but I guess now I can sympathise.

I have never played a Max Payne game (although I did see the God-awful Marky-Mark flick that put a bad taste in my mouth)..

Especially since it's been ten years since #1 came out, do I need to play the first couple to understand the story here or should I just read the plot on Wikipedia or can I just jump in with no previous knowledge??

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You could probably just wiki the story, I thought that playing the first two would provide insight on the 3rd, but really I think that most is already explained in the 3rd anyway. If you want more Max Payne though, they would are great to play.
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Thanks. I figured with the disparity of the release dates it would be accessible to new players.. just wanted to check. If I really enjoy it I might run back and check out the first two.
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It's an impressive game in it's own right but I dont like it as much as the other 2 and the first one is easily the best out of the 3, has such a great story, atmosphere and pretty good graphics for it's time, the setting and mood will grip ya, and the dialouge is awesome, not to mention the comic style scenes were very well done.

Honestly I'm just not into this game I could easily have and should have waited for this to go down in price in a month or so.

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Playing the first 2 is not necessary to understand 3's story. However it will give you a deeper insight into the character, his motivations, and just how he wound up in the situation he's in. The first 2 both have excellent stories and I highly recommend playing them. 

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I replayed through 1 & 2 before playing 3 and while it adds some insight it is by no means necessary. Especially the 2nd, I don't think, through the first 6 chapters of 3, I have seen any reference to anything from the 2nd.