Shootdodge + Euphoria = unnecessary difficulty

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The one thing prior Max Payne games never had is Euphoria. The inclusion of it affects everything from your shootdodge to the way you aim. With Max also having the stumbling block of being made more frail than he used to be it feels like an unnecessary additional challenge that must be overcome. Give us one or the other not both. If hes going to be made more frail then there should not be any Euphoria.
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Yeah i'ts very annoying at times especially when your trying to pull of shots on the last second. There is a weight in the game which was not in the other Max Payne. You were more flexible in max payne 1 and 2 but still the shootdodge in this game is way better than the ones on the first 2 games.

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I don't get the problem with Euphoria. Recent Rockstar game all use motion captured movements for their character's behaviors, which can be a bit clunky, yeah. But it adds loads to the realism and credibility of the combat. Max's balance and speed is affected by the weapons he's using, same if he carries a large weapon in one hand and a pistol in the other. The shootdodge is fine. Guess what happens if you launch yourself side-ways against a wall? Think you'll bounce off it in the opposite direction? I don't get people's problem with it. Maybe the fact that it leaves Max vulnerable as he gets up? That's just plain realism to me, which is way more fun and badass than flipping on your feet right away.
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/\ This guy, what a guy.


I love the odd times I screw up a dodge, go flying into a wall, fall to the ground and proceed to get my head blown into a thousand pieces. I'm always laughing at myself.


Honestly, this is one of the only third person shooters that actually give me that kick ass 'hollywood' feeling whilst actually having EXTREMELY solid game mechanics, in both shooting and movement.


The only thing that needs sorting is reloading whilst running up stairs. It seems you can't reload then run up stairs whilst reloading. annoying.

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They wanted to add realism, as thats what rock star is all about now a days. It's why max payne 3 is inferior to the prior 2 in gameplay, because realism does not make a game more "solid" as retards like to call it now a days. Just like how gta IV is tremendously inferior to San andreas in single player gameplay wise as well. But they are a **** ton prettier, so can't really go wrong with that.

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Rockstar knew that Euphoria was a bad idea, but in the absence of good ones,they decided to go with it anyways.