Serious Payne trophy not unlocking

#1 Posted by hiccup (3856 posts) -

I just beat the game on hard and nothing unlocked. Is there anyway to fix this without replaying the whole game? I'm hoping i'm not the only one.

#2 Posted by XxSwiftyxX (379 posts) -

You sure you didn't change the difficulty at any part of the game?, sometimes achievements/Trophies glitch and don't unlock the only thing you can do is restart it from scratch.

#3 Posted by dandi (359 posts) -
Did you use cheats at any point in your playthrough? If so, that would disable your ability to acquire that trophy. Also, I am not certain if you use chapter select if the game recognizes your accomplishment. I played a new game instead of chapter select for fear of the trophy not popping at the end. Good luck, hiccup. Your fellow gamer, Dandi - PSN: theluh