Question about character movement/controls

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Quick question for those of you who've played Max Payne 3 along with Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire. I really hated the L.A. Noire control configuration, just didn't do it for me; I loved Red Dead Redemption character control and movement, along with the controls. Can anyone who's played MP3 tell me which one is it closest to? RDR? or L.A. Noire?
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it's kind of in it's own third special group but if i had to pick one of the two it would easily be RDR. the shooting in the MP3 reminds me of a tweaked out version of RDR's shooting, nothing like L.A. Noire really tame shooting sections. RDR was in my all time top 5 games, and this one just might have it beaten. def check it out.