Possible Bug??

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Hi! Just bought Max Payne 3 today for my PC. I installed it and I was already disappointed. Had so many problems such as the game freezing on the black screen, fixed it. Then it was the game freezing when it tells you to press ENTER. I also fixed that when I updated my graphic card (GTS 450). Next problem is, whenever I turn on Max Payne 3 it always turns the game on in windowed mode, even if I'm playing the "safe-mode" or the normal one, it's still windowed. Now, when I go to Settings > Graphics I set everything to high/very high and full screen on. Then when I click ENTER for these changes to take place it says I must restart the game, OK done that. The game restarts but STILL in windowed screen, graphic settings are still back to what they originally were. Any help? This is annoying playing it with low settings and in windowed mode.
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Try going to Documents\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 3. Now open the graphics.xml file with Notepad and make sure the 5th line reads Fullscreen value="1". If not change the value to 1, which means enabled.