online is glitchy and bugged, supposed to be like this or fix coming?

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are they going to be patchin this garbage? how can they release a game like this? i only played 3 games and twice on the 'killcam' it showed that i indeed scored a headshot and even scored it after the game as a headshot, yet the guy stands thier and shoots me, bullets in the brain are supposed to kill you right? people getting stuck in stairs, grenades kill you through walls, i mean i sat down and played about a hour or so of single player n was blown away, then i sign in and its a total **** show, my god rockstar you have really lowered your standards. ive preordered every 1 of your games going back to the warriors on ps2, and ive been slighty more let down over the last few years, another gamin company gone to the dust.

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Haven't any any problems whatsoever, in fact the online is a lot smoother than I thought.


Check your router or buy a new router, Rockstar has very strict NAT settings that cause problems.

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There are some latency problems, and some glitches that need to be fixed, like shooting during a jump animation.

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the only issue ive really had were some weird deaths in deathmatch but that's to be expected with smaller maps and people constantly spawning. my only other gripe is the grenade is a bit laggy and tends to pull the weapon menu up if you arent extremely precise. otherwise for a 3rd person shooter, the campaign is great especially the 360 degree shooting ability. it plays just like i expected max payne to play. and the multiplayer is nice, although nothing special, once you get higher levels, the items you can equip are a cool addition especially when they level up cause they change and help your team out. the only issue im having now is connecting to the servers.. they seem to be down right now.. oh well, ghost recon and dragon's dogma are only a week away!
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grenades do kill you thru walls, thats how powerful they are.

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Must be your connection man, I was playing for hours today with no major glitches or lagging. The more I have played it has grown on me

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You only played 3 games? I stopped caring about what you had to say after you said that. I have over seven thousand kills, and I can say you are wrong.
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Online modes are always buggy when first released.  Saints Row 1 didn't work smoothly online until the third or fourth patch. Be patient, or do like I have, and give up on online gaming.  COD killed it.

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I was just in 3 games where players wouldn't die or kills didn't register for 5 seconds and eventually my game crashed to dashboard. Why is it this much worse AFTER an update?