Need Help With Last Level(Spolier)

#1 Posted by chadbtownvt (70 posts) -

i need help w the last level im in the cargo area or something behind cover with this guy shooting a gernade launcher at me and i have about 50 dudes rushing me, he's got a big shield, im on the hardest setting? any help or advice would be great

#2 Posted by filmhead89 (1 posts) -
Keep an eye on the grenade launcher guy, when he shoot a grenade hit bullet time and tag the nade in mid air, you might get lucky and it will take a few guys out.... between grenades tag guys on the left first... thats how i did it...
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ya i finally got it after like 65 trys, it was on the hardest setting, gotta basically clear out all the bad guys first as well as shoot the grenades out of the air, gotta slow time and then shoot the grenade, i had more trouble with trying to kill all the other dudes, you can tell when your done cause it does the slow kill on the last guy then max payne dives off the movable steps they use to get on the planes and you gotta shoot the grenade and it blows up that dude.