Multiplayer questions

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I only started to play MP today so I understand there is a learning curve but it feel like certain players are invincible.

Does anyone else feel like they have experienced this?

Also how do i get to play Gang Wars. It says its still locked.


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Yes I feel it all of the time. Every match there are always times where my bullets aren't registering on some players but then others its fine, not to mention sure they have a bullet proof vest, but I am shooting them directly in the face and still zip. Lag has to do with some if it, My nat is on moderate but there is a little more lag for me than just moderate. The matchmaking is pretty whacked as well. A person just starting off at level 1-2 facing a player who is level 20 with more guns strapped around him than standard players, really puts people at disadvantage when they are coming toe to toe or even at long range it seems the starting rifle becomes obsolete against the other weapons. Now don't get me wrong the game is fine but I'd like to see a few tweaks to the matchmaking to make my introduction to the game a little easier, I really want to get up to level 8 without feeling like im being drug around the mud to play Payne Killer or Gang wars.

I didn't mind GTA4's multiplayer or Red Dead Redemptions multiplayer but it seems this multiplayer feels a big groggy to me, but maybe it's because I have been out of the loop of competitive gaming for quite some time due to college and 2 jobs. But really those are the only things that bother me about multiplayer other than that the game is pretty intense!

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Level 1 vs level 20 players?


If you are at low level, you have the option to play on "rookie deathmatch' or 'rookie team deathmatch'.


They are designed for low levels playing together, unless you went striaght to normal deathmatches you should not face a level 20 at level 1.


The level advantages is small comparing with the need to logic, most people just rush out like rambos, no matter what guns and what level you have you will get killed, then complain to be unfair.


I am using the most basic weapons, the ones you get started off with and I do fine, at level 15 the items I use are worth of a level 10 or under, it's really its the player behind the weapons that counts.