Multiplayer freezing issues...

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As many people did, I bought this game for the classic, but revamped Max Payne style campaign, and I love it so far. Finished part two yesterday, almost done with the game, I think. I also have been having a lot more fun with the multiplayer than I thought I would, aside from tiny things that some people don't even notice, my only major problem with it is that the game has completely frozen on me twice. Once during a killcam/killed by screen, and the other time just randomly in the middle of a match. I'm wondering if a lot of other people, or anybody else is experiencing this? After freezing for the 2nd time, I got frustrated and decided to at least finish the story before even trying multiplayer again...
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this happened to me too. sucks when it happens. i always seem to be doing really well at the time too.
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I was haveing the same problem until i uninstalled the game from the hard-drive. I also deleted and redownloaded the 11MB patch and cleared my cache. havent had any freezes since(knock on wood)

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just happened to me
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Happened to me 3 times in succession trying to connecting to MP matches, almost took it back down the store to say the disc is faulty.