Mini 30 terrible in MP?

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Used it for a game earlier but seemed my pistol was better at long range, I didn't even spam shots but it seems the UZI and AK were better at range that this.


Also the game is dead; only like 100 - 200 people playing in any given game mode atm. Been playing big TDMs where it 2 v2 or 3v3 : /

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You are incoorrect for both account from my experience.


Mini 30 is one of the most popular assult rifles out there, due to it's long range combain with it's damage, making an almost sniper rifle at your lowish levels. At around level 6 onwards, you will see it's progression in range and damage excel the chart of AK's.

It is not as verstile as the AK47, the AK covers almost all purpose, it is light as well, however, if you are camping or at long range, the mini30 is better than the AK, but it is simi auto instead of full auto.

Interms of the game being dead, I have never have any problem playing 8vs8 TDM, game after game the game is full of people, it might be you have personal connection problem, or the server was unable to locate you to a more popular game.

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Its weird I played a couple games after making this thread and used the Mini again, it was way better than it was prior. Guessing it was lag issues the first time round. Still I join into games where its only 2v2 to start off, then by the time the maps loaded or a couple kills suddenly a massive influx of players join. Again don't know if prior it was some issue with the host player or something. In either case I retract both statements
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Good news you are loving the game, I am in a matured minded crew if you want to hook us up, on most hours of the day, called "Cloud Nine", well come to play with us.