Max Payne 3: The Movie

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So I was playing Max Payne 3 last week and thought man there are alot of cutscenes and figured "hey this would make an awesome movie" so I got to work and a week later the movie was completed.. hope you guys like it Link:
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1. Far too many people have already made montage videos of the game's cutscenes 2. Many are already sick of the constant barrage of cutscenes while playing 3. For the most part cutscenes can't be skipped, even in arcade mode That's why you probably won't get many people interested in this thread. A lot of the cutscenes are nicely done, and at first they can seem very enjoyable, that is IF you don't mind the constant garish, flashy effects, but they they soon wear thin on most player's patience.
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i think people are leaning now more towards quick arcade style games, like something they would find on their phone, instead of a AAA release with full production values. tis sad tho, i was really enjoying how much progress stories in videogames were making, even going further than full motion pictures.