Max Payne 3 review - SP only-spoiler free

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Well after just finishing the game's final 14th chapter in about 10 hours I've got to say I am pleased and disappointed at the same time.

Being die hard fan of both previous titles I am pleased to see 3rd game and also pleased that the gameplay is mostly unchanged. This is the good.
In some places however it felt as if developer were forcing me to use cover and with that Gears of War style of gameplay which in my opinion does not belong in this franchise at all. The prime example of that is the end boss fight. Also the little twirks like ability to accidentally bullet dodge off the rooftops and docks to death was really not something I enjoyed. I also was disappointed by the lack of tutorial as having not played Max Payne for years and playing it last with mouse a keyboard a tutorial would have been a welcome addition as it took me about an hour or more to understand the new mechanics and that shoot dodge was kind off worthless comparing run and gun bullet time in MP3. Also a big distraction for me was the revival chance that automatically activates upon player running out of hp while carrying painkillers. If this happens layer is given a chance to 1 bullet KO anything that got the kill shot while automatically activating bullet time. This this imo is a disaster as many times NPCs would be behind cover and unreachable or shooting Max in the back and not allowing him to shoot them while waisting 15-20 seconds hanging in the slow death ... also while this is happening restart checkpoint option is disabled ... It also feels very distracting even if I manage to kill my would be assassin as that same enemy may not have died from my previous 2-3 shots to the head but now is dead from a shot to a knee cap or arm.
All in all the gameplay is solid but from memory worse than comparing it with MP2 due to listed above changes as I was no longer able to do crazy shoot dodge/roll and all sort of crazy gunplay that I was looking forward to due imo the fact that executing bullet dodge leaves Max very vulnerable making me use mostly run and gun bullet time which is not as cool. Also I was upset by NPCs unnatural sniper like accuracy with all of the weapons including shotgun at long distances as well as by ninja reflexes that allowed them to fire the instant I may have turned corner without leaving any time for me to react.

Now I'd like to talk about story. Since I do not want to spoil anything I am going to just say the story itself is solid as is voice acting. I do however have a major problem with story presentation which is 100% done through ingame cutscenes. I am not epileptic but the path the artistic direction chose here made me feel like I was while viewing these. This is due to the following - the camera is always unsteady giving scene armature/mobilephone filming effect while this is going on the are happening unknown random color flashes/acid burns of most Maxes image in the scene and on top of that if there is any dialogue there ARE BOLD LETTERS COMING OUT OF SOME PLACE IN THE SCENE like from behind the desk reiterating the last phrase that was said. If that wasnt enough there are often picture in picture effects. And at least but not least ( I dont know if this is another special effect or not but ) during the cutscense the frame rate seems to be less than 10 fps making most of the cutscenes look absolutely horrible.

To summarize this is a solid game but being Max Payne fan I was left disappointed that this title did not leave me in awe as did both previous titles. I guess the best reflection would be that after I was done beating the game I do not have any desire to play the game some more once is enough. This is a solid one time title for me unlike MP1,and MP2 wich I've beaten at least 3-4 times each.

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i heard there is only 8 chatpers ;0 hmm

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i heard there is only 8 chapters ;0 hmm


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It was meant to be Played on PC

With mouse We can aim freely and precisely from where fun all beguns

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It was meant to be Played on PC

With mouse We can aim freely and precisely from where fun all beguns

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It was meant to be Played on PC

With mouse We can aim freely and precisely from where fun all beguns

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All I saw so far on this thread was a useless triple post, another ever more useless triple post, and some incoherent rambling. I think I'll wait for another review.

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Do you see the message "press enter to continue" before getting to the game menu? Can you quicksave? Do you have manual saves? Do you have a lot of customization graphics and audio wise? Consolified graphics or not? Keybindings? Is the camera decent? Do the guns feel and sound right?
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I 've already finished this title .To tell you the truth this is awesome and it's really worth playing . I didn't like the story as much as previous MPs but it's good enough. graphic is great for a platform game and finally game playing is 10/10 :D . I liked to follow the story and I tried the game in easy difficulty but I suggest you to try that in another difficulty if you have enough time because it doesn't take more than 11 or 12 hours to finish .There is no manual save capability and about graphic H have to say you can only change brightness in xbox360 and also there are some options about sound .