Max Payne 3 Hardcore Story mode

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This has happened twice to me: I start a new game, I beat a few chapters, turn the game off, and when I come back on I have to start over again, it won't let me continue from where it last saved. Am I missing something?
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Do you have a harddrive?


Where are you saving?


Do you shut off your xbox while its saving?


Do you shut off your xbox while the game is playing?


There could be so many reasons why it isn't working out.

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It's on PC and it saves automatically
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Did you do chapter select or new game?  I know that it does not save your progress from chapter select unless you complete the entire chapter.  The checkpoints do not register for chapter select.  I hope that helps.

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I do not use chapter select either.
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I do not use chapter select either.romopunk

There's a few things you can check. Make sure you have Rockstar Social Club installed and updated and have an account and profile that it writes to. Check to see that you have a save folder generated where it should be. On W7 that's Documents\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 3\Profiles\010FE371\MP3_PROGRESSION.

Other than that just make sure you are not exceeding the MS recommended drive space rule for Windows (85% used, 15% free) and have adequate page file space. Regardless of the game's patch version you're running it should save progress provided you do not interrupt the game when the swirling save icon is showing.

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Forgot to mention, as the installer says, it's recommended your AV and firewall be disabled before installing the game. This could also mean some firewalls might block Rockstar Social Club from attempting to update itself even after the game is installed. The one thing I DO know for sure is you cannot even launch the game unless you have a working RSC profile, and that is what it also used to store savegames.