Max Payne 3: Channeling Micheal Mann

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I can't help but think of the best Mann movies when I play this.  Miami Vice, Heat, even Hancock all have that realistic, gritty, pondering feeling of examining a character for whom killing and conflict is an everyday thing.  The high level of violence, the gun porn, the square, perpendicular camera shots that let the scene tell the story instead of the cinematography.  Hell, Max Payne IS Vincent (Tom Cruise's character) from Collateral.  He's even wearing the same suit!  I'd love to see Micheal Mann produce a Max Payne movie, or produce a Max Payne game!  Anyone with me here?

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You forgot Manhunter and Public Enemies...

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Maybe a movie but the day a film maker makes a good game will be the day the bar has dropped to an all time low for video gaming.