Legit workaround for SP achievements.

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I know this works for Steam. This is for the Difficulty level achievements. It's very simple. Here you go:

1) Beat the entire game on Medium. Easy enough. This is to ensure you have all chapters and checkpoints available.

2) Start a New Game with any of the harder difficulty levels.

2) Play through the first level. Get through the first few checkpoints of the second.

3) Quit game entirely. Quit out to your desktop.

4) Reboot game.

5) Choose the last chapter and the last checkpoint of that chapter. You can even do this on the Easy difficulty level. Blow up the plane. Done. You'll get the achievement.

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Note: You can't just simply select a harder difficulty for that specific chapter and checkpoint from the "Chapter" list. That won't work. You must start a New Game with the difficulty you want the achievement for. Quit. Reboot. Go to "Chapter" list, and choose the chapter/checkpoint with any difficulty you want.