It's already getting hard to find matches. :/

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I was hoping MP would last at least all summer, less and less people seem to be online playing it already though. I'm hoping it's just a slow few days for some reason. I'm debating whether or not to get that Rockstar pass now.

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On PS3, the Free Aim lobbies are basically dead. You can still get a game, but tonight there was only 4 lobbies going on in Team Deathmatch, in the world. This game has by far some of the BEST multiplayer I've ever played, but unfortunately it's too hard for kids who've had their senses dulled by mediocre crapfests like CoD. So, it'll die quickly. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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Lol, maybe the new maps will spark interest in this game some more.

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I really hope so. Like you, I was considering the season pass until I realized how dead the online became. Unfortunately, DLC tends to split the community down to those who have it and those who don't, which usually makes things worse for the total player base that's already dwindling. Oh well, I'm hoping for the best. This game's multiplayer is way too fun to just toss and forget about.
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Its dead because its P2P and has a lot of hackers. You cant expect a P2P game to survive long on the PC.
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this game mutiplayer itsnt dead yall trippin!

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im a level 40 and have been playing on and off since mid-may and i rarely have trouble finding games

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This is supposed to be the PC version of the forums, for some reason every now and then it gets mixed into the 360 version, so no one has been playing PC since mid May. lol Online activity has picked up some though. I think that 29.99 sale on Amazon is why. That's a great price.