Is this anything like GTA or red dead redemption?

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I'm a big fan of the rockstar games and I was wondering if this is open world like gta or red dead redemption.

For those of you who have played max payne 3 and gta 4 and red dead redemption how does it stack up?

Do you think I will like it? I prefer the open world games.

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It isn't a sandbox game like GTA. It's a linear, story-driven shooter so you can't really compare the two. They've very different games. From the little I've played of RDR, I'd say the shooting is similar with the dead-eye vs bullet time mechanic but that's about it. I really can't remember since it's been so long since I've played it. The gun play in this is miles and miles above RDR though.
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Looks very much like RDR shooting......
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It's basically the same exact gameplay, but more refined. It's not an open-world enviroment like GTA or RDR though. I highly recommend picking it up, you won't be disappointed.

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Thanks people, I bought it this afternoon and plan on playing it this weekend. Cheers for your reccomendations :)