Is the Local Justice pack worth it at 400 msp?

#1 Posted by Putty121 (1852 posts) -

I know that this pack is super slim, with only one gang wars map, a gun, and a couple maps from SP, etc, so I was reluctant to buy it at any price, especially since the MP community is so weak, but could I get any advice on whether or not this is worth buying now that it's on sale for $5? Is it worth buying just for a little fun and the achievements alone? I know that it's incredibly hard to even get to play the new maps, since people without them always vote against it, but I'm still curious, as it may be a while before it's this cheap, again. Thanks, guys!

#2 Posted by Leejjohno (14088 posts) -
Not really. The community is divided by dlc so the map doesn't get voted for or if by chance you do get to play everybody who doesn't have it downloaded gets booted. It's not as good as tiete river, the new jersey map or the favelas anyway. I don't think any of the new weapons are really worth your time if you are already doing good without. The M4 is pretty decent at closer ranges, but that's negated by all the players who use shotguns, pistols and SMGs.