Is it worth it for MP alone?

#1 Posted by astrowolf007 (181 posts) -

As much as I like single player games, I am in need of a good MP fix right now, is this game worth playing for MP alone? Easy to find games? Fun?

I have read a lot about how good the single player is, but am looking for some insight in to MP, any help would be apriciated.

Thanks guys.

#2 Posted by blastmaster2k2 (382 posts) -

It's addicting to me. It can be frustrating at times though. You'll always be able to find some type of match, maybe not the one you want every hour of the day and night though.

#3 Posted by CondorCalabasas (654 posts) -

I think its a blast. Its a great break from the seriousness of BF3, and Counter Strike.

#4 Posted by KillzoneSnake (1749 posts) -
It's a bit of fun... but no. The servers are broken, specially if you try to play with a party of friends. This game is worth it for the single player though :)
#5 Posted by Sarijon (414 posts) -

In a word NO! the servers constantly crash but even if that wasn't the case, its fun but no worth purchasing for MP alone

#6 Posted by DrKill09 (6238 posts) -

The online is really fun when it works, but there are a ton of disconnect issues...