Impossible achievement ' the shadows rushed me '

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The achievements says complete the game in an amount of time trought the whole campaigne without dying otherwise you have to start from Chapter 1 again.

I saw and did some damn hard achievements in my time but this is one of the hardest i've seen. I reached to Chapter VII and then got killed because the enemy person was hidden during my last stand. No offence Rockstar but who made that achievement. I'm gonne woop his ass !


Do you really think i'm gonne complete the game 10000X , 1x Hard achievement , 1x Hardcore achievement , 1 old school achievement , 1x New York in 1 min . and then 1X the stupid hardcore NYM which i have to do again when i do .

I loved the singleplayer but i'm getting sick to see the cinematics over and over again without able to skip them.

Put that 20G achievement in ya damn **** rockstar.

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And looking on the internet everone is raging over this achievement which i could understand . Could you imagine playing the campaigne for 8 houres ( most are those cinematics ) ad then in the last chapter you die .


You just wasted 8 houres of your life.

you can do that 1x with a person but not 2x Rockstar. 


And for people who have to achievement,  You should rule tha world .

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You're going to die on the last part of the last level no matter what. lol I haven't tried easy mode, but I'm sure it can't be that much easier than normal. Oh yea, derp, couldn't you use all the unlocked cheats though like for beating the game unlimited ammo, bullettime, or whatever they are?

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Its easy if you ask me. Its not like its old school or anything like that.


The only reason I haven't completed it, is the fact that my game freezes every time before I beat it.

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Yes that is my point , with the bugs it's impossible to get , and even if you make a stupid fault or a bug , you just wasted 8 houres and you have to watch all cinematics over and over again .

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Cheats don't work , then you don't get achievement

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One thing I'd recommend, is using painkillers whenever you can, there are too many bugs glitches, and simply bad luck that can happen when you are in last stand, and when you are going into last stand.

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After beating the game on Hardcore and Old School and managing some pretty tough sections on those runs no scratch, I imagine it could in fact be done, esp on Easy after knowing the game well. If you're caught in a Last Stand with no line on your attacker, ovbiously you need to stop inching around corners and use diffferent tactics. You really don't need to inch around corners on Easy anyway, and the AI are much less adpet on that diff level.