I cant believe I am asking this but...

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Does anyone else have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to quit this game on PC?   I played it for the first time last night and had to do an END TASK to quit... hitting esc simply pauses.

What the heck?  How do I save and quit this thing?

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It autosaves, so just hit esc or start on your controller, select exit game or whatever the last option is, it takes you to the main menu, repeat the process. Select the top option from the final quit page, it won't say quit, it will be a Max Payne like quote. lol


I had to admit defeat like the loser I am.<- that means quit.

But I wanted to make those bastards pay first. <-that means I changed my mind and want to continue playing.

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Well I am playing on a PC..  and hitting escape only pauses the game.   there are no options on screen other than to hit escape again to resume.


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You can't quit during a cutscene, you have to wait for the cut scene to end before the menu appears, otherwise it will just say paused when you pause it. That's probably why you're not seeing the menu.

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That includes any interactive cutscene too, example, you have to push a button.

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face.  palm.  :roll:

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Yes, it's annoying how i can't skip a cutxcene in this game on my second play, where it keeps saying "still loading", wtf? Rockstar! Xbox360.

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I am having the same problem... Argh!!!