How do i get trophies in story mode?

#1 Posted by yukmouth2009 (1 posts) -
I beat chapter 1,2,3 and i havent got a trophie on easy mode. is it broken or something? or do i need to play it on a harder mode to get them like mediam hard or hard? please help. I stop playing because i dont want to start all over again.
#2 Posted by dandi (359 posts) -
Yuk, There are no trophies for beating individual chapters. There are three separate sections of the game where you can get trophies. There are no trophies for beating the game on easy difficulty. You have to beat the game on normal or higher to unlock the difficulty trophies. For instance, beating the game on hard also unlocks the normal difficulty trophy. I hope this helps. I look forward to playing with or against you. Your fellow gamer, Dandi - PSN: theluh