Hi, PAINFUL MEMORIES pack boosting help please?

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Ok so basically, I got 3 more achievements left for Max Payne 3 "Painful Memories" DLC pack. The ones I need are: 1. "Ouch My Head"--Headshot someone with a hangover. 2. "Welcome Ashore"--Kill a player on the Yacht from the observation platform of the Panama Canal. 3. "Drinker's Revenge"--Kill the Sniper who broke your hip flask in the same life. So, basically, I'm looking for a group of 4-5 people who wanna help boost for these achievements. "Ouch My Head" is probably the hardest to get out of all 3 of those so it's good to have 4 people for that to make it easier. My plan is to recruit players on here so we can all go to the "Panama Canal" and get all three of these achievements there together at once. So if anyone is reading this and your interested in boosting for the Painful Memories Pack DLC--just post your gamertag on here and also post what TIME you are AVAILABLE at to do this and we can all work together to finish these achievements once and for all!!