Help for some of you trying to unlock unlimited bullet time

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I can confirm that if you have only golds in score attack you can use infinite bullet time. Anyways I figured it would've been patched by now and websites only seem to tell you how to score points but not what amount of points are needed for what medal. With that said I have made a list of the points needed for the platinum medal, so obviously if you want gold stay under these numbers. Also if you have a flash drive you can save yourself if you accidently go over and reach platinum. Unfortunately if you've already reached platinum and don't have a previous save to upload you're ****ed and will have to wait for the patch.


Chapter I - 7,000

Chapter II - 15,000

Chapter III - 20,000

Chapter IV Part I - 7,000

Chapter IV Part II - 18,000

Chapter V Part I - 25,000

Chapter V Part II - 20,000

Chapter VI Part I - 18,000

Chapter VI Part II - 2,000

Chapter VII - 25,000

Chapter VIII - 12,000

Chapter IX - 8,000

Chapter X - 22,000

Chapter XI - 18,000

Chapter XII - 22,000

Chapter XIII - 30,000

Chapter XIV - 30,000