Guy with machete

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I am at the part where the guy is burning to death in the tires and I have no weapons and this guy keeps slicing my neck killing me of course, it tells me to click right mouse to disarm etc but im only able to hold him a second before he chops my neck. I tried clicking other keys while blocking , no can do I tried it 30 times and had to quit. Any help would be appreciated.

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That part is a bit confusing because earlier on in the game they use a Quick Time sequence where you have to repeatedly tap E to push over a file cabinet in the burning office building. I tried QT type repeated taps in the spot you're referring to and it doesn't work. What you need to do is just hit the window for each key and tap it once within that window.
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Thanks for reply frag, but I don't quite understand answer. Do you mean try each key when I hit right mouse till I find one that works, or is there a key your referring to?

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Frag, I also forgot to ask if I should keep right mouse button down when hitting whatever key you mean.

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Each icon that comes onscreen is for a different button/key. Each ones appears for a brief moment. Within that moment you tap that buton or key ONE time. Just make sure you tap it while it's icon is onscreen. For me it's RMB to counter his machete swing, LMB to take it away from him, F to kick him, then L ctrl to finish him off.

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Thanks Frag for the last post information. It worked perfect, thanks again.