** Greatest game of ALL time **

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Originally I was expecting just a good game. But as soon as I started playing, I was in total awe of the graphics. And the game play. I've been playing games since ATARI 5200 Pole Position. Trust me this is the Multi-player that I've been waiting on!

To have an urban shooter with so much customization of each weapon (which you can dual wield different weapons) is amazing. You can customize your character to how you like down to the armor (so much here). The customization isn't just about looks. People don't go in to detail. You can customize your load outs to the point of selecting different attachments and INTERNALS of each weapon! Your uzi will fire differenlty than your opponents.

Playing a 3rd person shooter with so much animation on line LAG FREE says it all to me. The maps are incredible! Just so much detail.

The control / movement of the characters is what you will feel right away + it has cover system.

Critics say the following

  • Its not a buy - My answer, what game would you buy over this then? this is even linked to GTA5 (end of discussion)
  • Cut scenes - My answer, REALLY haha if that's all you have to complain about then I applaud Rockstar. Hello that's the story you're saposed to be "watching"! People always say in a girls voice "eww i didn't like the story line" well now you have an amazing one thats over your head deal with it. its amazing!
  • Don't care for multi player - My answer, I'm not even going to talk to someone who says this. This is your key never to listen to them again.

Last, I have to address is BULLET TIME ON-Line. If you haven't experienced putting your friends "in quick sand" as we say / in slow motion while totally owning them then YOU HAVEN'T LIVED!

Max Payne for life! or at least until GTA 5... NO NEED to buy Ghost Recon anymore PRE-ORDER canceled!

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"** Greatest game of ALL time **"


Nobody takes a kid like you seriously who rates NBA Live 06 with a 10 and Halo 3 with a 1.


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"** Greatest game of ALL time **"


Nobody takes a kid like you seriously who rates NBA Live 06 with a 10 and Halo 3 with a 1.


Actually nobody takes trolls seriously. Believe it or not, some people like sports games, I do not. But its very possible for a sports game to deserve a 10. Halo hasn't changed since halo 2, and every halo since, including halo 2 is a piece of garbage, only marketed towards pre-teens and teens. I mean, the Halo series, and the call of duty series, are the exact same thing every single time. Me personally, I can't stand games that hold your hand as if you are in a special ed class, so I agree with the 1 rating for halo 3.