Gaming on a PC? Don't buy Max Payne 3!!!

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I've got nothing against consoles other than the fact that I find the gameplay slow and and ponderous. I've always preferred PC gaming where a good fast-twitch game like Max Payne 1 & 2 are challenging and fun. I loved both games and eagerly awaited the arrival of MP3. I must have missed the press release the said that MP3 for PC is a console port, and a poor one at that. This game is in no way a fast-twitch FPS like it's predecessors. Gameplay is slow, ponderous, clumsy and imprecise. I'm deleting this miserable game from my PC and wishing I could get my $60 back from the scumbags who foisted this lousy port of a lousy game on me. They win, I lose. Par for the course in from a software company, I guess. No demos, misleading advertising, eager consumer = I get ripped off. And people wonder why piracy is a way of life. If I had it to do over again I'd pirate the game then buy it if I liked it. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS "GAME"!!!
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Isnt it great to be in the one percent?

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Big pc gamer here and absolutely disagree with this, the game is amazing I was blown away during most of the story and multi seems fun enough

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I agree that the controls feel console ported, and I don't like it either, but I disagree with your going overboard in your rant, and I'll explain why. 1) You have to grade PC titles on a curve these days. Like it or not our platform is only 20% of sales. 2) Rockstar commonly make their PC games with controls that feel ported from console This should have been obvious to anyone whom has played their GTA games. Even GTA IV which was said to have a 150 man dev team world wide has the typical loop around 180s on foot unless you use the quick turn feature. MP3 even has the quick turn feature. Do a bit of reasearch so you'll know ahead of time. 3) Rockstar does more than a lot of other pub/dev teams when it comes to patch support. They've already released a fix for the sluggish prone and shoot dodge mouse response. Sure it doesn't fix everything, but at least it's something.

I would also add that I don't care for the over done screen effects both in and out of cutscenes, and the cinematics constantly jerking you away from gameplay, which can seriously disrupt searches for collectibles, clues and pickups. Some have suggested the constant horizontal shades of green are to convey Max's inebriation, but he only drinks in the first 6 chapters, and the effects continue throughout the game. It comes on more as a psycho disco effect than anything associated with a noir or movie feel. The way they split the scenes into various images with random words from the dialog splattered on doesn't come off very well either IMO. Then there's the oft times glicthed behavior of the bullet time camera and animations, particularly Max's.

That said, the guts of the game, the visceral battles, are more challenging and offer more replay value than that of the first two games. The level design is also better and I feel the story is better and more mature too. Graphics obviously are better too, but then they should be given the evolution of games. My point is not one game is made that is 100% perfect.  You'll probably have less stress and enjoy gaming more if you learn to embrace what you like in a game, and work around what you don't like.