first person view

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So far i've played all of part one and have no complaints but one. A few times in the game you shot through a first person view through a scope of some sort. Has any one noticed that the controls for that view are very flawed. the aiming is switched to the left stick instead of the right. it isnt the biggest problem in the world when it is part of a sequence in which you can't move but when you pick up a gun that has say a red dot its all messed up. when you move forward you also aim up or down (depending on inverted) and the right stick is completely left out. I realize that game companies do pay attention to forums like these so we need to bring this to attention so this can hopefully be patched. other than that great game

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yeah i had the same issue. with the red dot fal, and the sniper part. (i use invert controls as well, so the sniper part was worse as it was the left stick and inverted so i had to change it temporarily for that part). the red dot guns tho, if you ads, it makes the left stick the move and aim button for some reason and it is extremely flawed and a major oversight, coming from a company that usually makes solid games.
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Couldn't agree more,mate.It feels unnatural,and I've died a few times,cos of it.Hopefully there'll be a patch.Otherwise,great game.