Enemies don't die bug?

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When i am playing through the max payne single player, the enemies don't die until i finish them off while they are lying on the ground. Sometimes they are behind a wall and I can't kill them and continue the level and I have to restart from previous checkpoint which can be very frustrating as I have to make sure to headshot every enemy standing on a balcony etc, so the level will progress. Is anyone else getting this problem?

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I've never experienced that or heard of anyone else, after several play throughs and having chatted on the most popular forums for the game. If you're on PC, are you sure your hardware meets the required specs?

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So say if i leg shot someone, they lie on the ground not dead. if i headshot them or keep shooting them then they die. The problem is in some levels they will fall behind a balcony or some other obstacle and I can't finish them off, and the level will not progress till all enemies are dead.
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I'm not asking what happens in game, you already exaplined it fairly well in your first post. Sometimes AI behavior or triggers can get messed up if your spec is too low to hamdle the calculation data rate. Again, whats system spec do you have? Mainly CPU, GPU and RAM.

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i have the exact same problem, it was anoying at first because it totally killed the mood of the game, but now i'm at a place where the game does not go on because some people can't die.

I think it happened after aplying patch 3. still havent found any solutions online