enabling cheats?

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this game certainly doesn't need cheats to be appreciated  but rockstar usually has great ones. problem is i have no idea how to activate them... do you have to beat the story at least ones to unlock them? 

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To unlock cheats you can:

  • Unlimited Ammo - collect all golden gun parts
  • Unlimited Bullet Time - Get Gold Medals on every score attack level
  • One Hit Kill - Finish the game on Hard Core
  • Bullet Cam On Every Kill - Find Every Clue
  • Unlimited Pain Killers - Finish the Game on Hard

So far the only way I have seen to use these cheats is in replay mode and I don't think it saves your last checkpoint. You have to pick your last checkpoint and then check the cheats you want and play.
I have been trying to Find Out if there is a way to start a new game or have your checkpoints saved with cheats, but have not found any answers to date.Hope that Helps!