Do the dead guis disappear in MaxPayne 3 ? (They didnt in previous episodes)

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Hello everyone, I had a very precise question concerning Max Payne 3 for those who are picky about realism in video games: Does anyone know if, in Max Payne 3, the bad guis, once dead, stay on the floor forever ? I mean: when you go as far as you can go and then come back right to the beginning, if the guis we first shooted stayed there or just disappeared and there are only the weapons left ? I know in the previous Max Payne, Remedy put a lot of efforts on making the corpses stay on the floor and use enough graphic memory to make them all stay during the game. And please do you know any other games for sure where dead guis stay on the floor and do not disappear ever ? (Except Hitman or splinter cell which I already have) =>For me the is THE most realistic (and the most legitimate) detail to have in any battlefields...Because if you dont have any corpses left, then lets go and play in our own garden it will be easier and less expensive ! I thank you a lot for your help ! Charles, 24 yeard old, French player
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I didn't check specifically for this, but I definitely recall seeing dead bodies on the floor long after killing them. Mostly though, you go through a door/gate/walkway/ etc., and can no longer return to where you previously were, so they most likely disappear after those instances.

Hope this helps!

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Hello Cakolukia, Thanks a lot for having checked, but at least everytime you went back (and everytime as far as you could go back) they stayed ? When you say "long after killing them" do you mean that you went back right at the beginning and still could see the corpses ? And was it afte 2 hours gaming ? Iam sorry to bother you with this but its a very important detail for me and if Max Payne 3 succeeded to make them ALL stayed, I think that would be one of the best and most realistic games ever ! ( At least from what I have seen of it) Thansk for your reply ! Charles
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They do not disappear instantly and you won't be able to check later since previous areas of levels will be locked once you passed certain checkpoints. I haven't noticed enemies disappear while I was still in that part of the level. I don't think they do.
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Ok thanks very much for your help guis, I think I m gonna buy it thanks to you ! :) Cheers