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Whats going on everyone? SoInfahmust the leader of SoPayneKills here. Just want to let everyone know that this crew is recruiting and looking for dedicated players. I dont mean the play 24/7, yelling at teammates, raging and the like players tho.

Im jus looking for players who love max payne, love fun and dont mind playing in a competitive environment. I would also like to play gamebattles matches if this game is picked up( not everyone on GB are butt heads LOL).

I have GB experience with gears of war3 , so im good with 3rd person games, coming up with strats and having heavy communication. If anyone is interested please post here, look us up on the rockstar social club or send me a message on xbl gt: xSGBx SoGnashti.

This clan is open to everyone. I like to practice so everyone can learn and teach. You may be able to even teach me some things LOL Im hoping i get to meet some cool max payne fans to enjoy this game with.

Also i will be streaming some single player content at about 12:30am EST(after the midnight release). if interested with that as well i will post the link later on today

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still trying to recruit a few more members..hit me up