Can someone explain on how first shot accuracy functions?

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For the laser sight I mean. Does the very first round I use per every clip get the accuracy bonus? Can you get the accuracy bonus from both aiming down and hip firing? And does it matter if I toggle the laser sight, like switching it off, but have the accuracy boost still in effect?   

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Laser sighted weapons never shoot accurately. It's best to just toggle the laser sight atttachments off and use the white dot instead. Laser sights are one of the few things they screwed up in this game.

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It means the first shot fired after taking aim quickly I THINK... 

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I believe its actually based on recoil recovery.


You shoot a three round burst, the first bullet of that three round burst will have the accuracy bonus, and its only until your gun is back in the exact position it was before you shot that you will have the ability of the accuracy bonus.


I don't really know for sure, but I'd bet money on it.