Campaign is amazing. Multiplayer is... eh

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Just my two cents... I thought I would share my thoughts on this so other people could give it a read and see if they wanted to buy the game or not. I thought personally the campaign was amazing. The physics are awesome, and the gameplay is different every time. That's why I really like arcade mode. My honest opinion though... I haven't played to much multiplayer but I didn't care for it much. It's not fair of me to say it sucks because I haven't spent to much time with it but it wasn't what I expected. 


I would buy this game just for the campaign and play it over and over. As well as the arcade mode to try and beat other peoples scores on the leader boards. I got it for the 360 and I will be keeping it. If anyone is interested in the multiplayer though you might be in for a shocker... Like I said I don't like it too much. 


I can see myself playing campaign and arcade for ages though. Who knows maybe I will figure multiplayer out...


Just wanted to make this topic to share my thoughts on this game. 

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i agreed with this at first, and then i kept pressing on in multiplayer til level 5 where i finally unlocked large tdm, and gang wars. and i have to say, gang wars is pretty sick. my only gripes with this game are the control changes with scopes (why in the hell did they make the left stick the aim, they need to patch it seriously.. at least in singleplayer i had that issue with the sniper rifle part and the docks with a red dot fal). besides that multiplayer has this burst where if someone on the other team uses it, it makes ur whole team look like enemies, and its extremely over powered when it happens every 2-5 mins. cause most ur team end up just shooting at red guys, and its a pain.. bulletime is interesting but if you're near a teamate that uses it while ur in a firefight and want to use a grenade or something u get pulled into their bullet time, and ive died many a time in that situation. with all that in mind i still love both singleplayer and multiplayer, i just really hope they change scope controls