Are the multiplayer stats we see

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regional or worldwide? I knew this game had no chance to be COD or Battlefield but 3000 people online is pretty much low. I m glad i didnt buy the rockstar pass and i m really worried about the future of the game. If the next 2-3 map packs split the community the total number of players available will hit very low numbers.

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Yea, the ability to post on Gamespot is back. :cool: Anyway, I didn't even notice the stats on the PC version. I think on the consoles it's just regional stats or possibly server divisonal stats. I've never had a problem finding a match except for the cemetary map on the PC, never found more than 1 other person on there. smh They need to make that map public, I think they will soon.

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No they are not divisional for sure but they could be regional. I think that the paid "map packs" is a very bad move from the companies cause they split the communities for no reason. I don't have problem finding games too but i worry a bit about the future. I ll probably get the 1st map pack and see how it goes

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Well on the xbox only 600 people are playing ground wars soft-aim and it looks like i keep getting in line with the same people. I'm not sure if it regional because i played with some people from JAPAN , ( and i never see many JAPS playing in games :p ) unless they we're playing from my country and just set living destination japan for fun.


Not sure , if those are the real world-wide numbers , GOD SAVE US ALL

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I asked them via support, they're server divisional not regional.