Are 1 and 2...

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By any chance going to be included or downloadable for the PC? I can't seem to find my copy of the first one and never got the chance to play the second one... any idea?

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Probablly not, but you can get them VERY Cheap from Amazon or eBay.

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Steam is cheaper.

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Steam is cheaper.

If we're pinching pennies, Steam is a little more expensive. From Amazon, you can get a used copy of Max Payne 2 for $8 (w/ s+h) and Max Payne 1 used for $6 (w/ s+h). That's $14, or you can buy the "Max Payne bundle" pack from Steam for $15. I'd go with the Steam bundle pack so you don't have to wait for delivery and the peace of mind knowing you're not ordering a used potentially damaged product, but if the TC only wants one of the two, he's better off ordering from Amazon instead.
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Thanks a lot! Havn't looked at Steam, but I think I'll go there, I want to play both of them for sure. Thanks a lot folks.