Anyone going for the platinum trophy?

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Hello all:

I must admit that I am a trophy whore.  However, the platinum trophy seems extremely difficult to get.  I cannot for the life of me kill everyone while riding the bus.  Also, trying to destroy everything on the runway in the final level is proving to be quite frustrating as well.  My hats off to anyone that has actually acquired the platinum trophy.  Beating the game on New York Minute hardcore also seems extremely difficult. I read that if you die even once, you get sent back to the beginning of the game, not the beginning of the level you are on.  That sounds like it would be too frustrating to me.  Feel free to give me your opinion.  I also wish that the cheats did not lock your ability to get trophies.  My opinion is if they put requirements on the cheats in order to enable them, such as beating the game on hard using free aim, then you should be able to use the cheats once you completed that task.  I do like the game tremendously.  I look forward to playing with or against you.

Your fellow gamer,

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