A little too late but not bad

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Now dont hate on me but I'm not really overly impressed by this game. I mean the graphics are awesome and very detailed, but it just doesn't feel like a max payne game. Maybe because it's been like a decade almost since we have seen another max payne game, so his story has been collecting dust, and pretty much forgot about him, I hardly even have played the originals for the last several years, though I do get the urge to from time to time.

The original is no doubt still the best, not because of graphics of course but because of the story and the way it was told, not to mention though I can be wrong I'm not very far in mp3 but I have yet to see weapons like molotovs which were a lot of fun in the first game, the enemies all look the same too me, I enjoyed the drugged up enemies that screamed weirdly when you killed them, I really loved the nightmarish scenes in mp1 were creepy, and haunting. I also liked the joke towards end of the first mp1 where he realizes hes in a damn game lol.

This is a great game but they took out some important stuff that made max payne what he is. They took out the comic style narrative, and instead put these damn blurry cutscenes that show multiple colors, just an eye sore for me personally. They got rid of the free roam style, feels more like an arcade game almost but they did a good enough job with it, that it's not a terrible loss but not being able to go back and explore kind of stinks. Also I remember breaking all sorts of stuff and being able to use baseball bats which I haven't seen used here. It's like hes some kind of martail arts expert, I just dont see an aged alcoholic having the strength to take down guys with one blow, but it's for dramatic effect I know.

Overall I still think it's worth the money, I just wish they didn't change so much of it. No longer is it about max payne himself it seems more about your partner and those rich kids. Meh not the best in fact I think this is the least out of the 3 games when it comes to the story and feel of the series but this is still one hell of a game.

I'm not really decided on how I would rate it for sure more like maybe 8.5 or something.

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Same with me dude. It's definitely a good game, just not Max Payne. The one thing I did like about the blurry, weird cut-scenes, is that it reminded me of the Directing style from 'Man On Fire'. But again, doesn't feel like Max Payne. To be honest, New York is simply a grittier and more believable place for Max to be in. I hate games that have caught the 'Let's Go To A Deserty, Sunny Place' routine. These places are pretty, sure, but I think its to hide the fact that the destructibility in this game isn't as good as it should be. I mean New York has walls and pillars everywhere, where this game is more Tree's and Metal things. Stranglehold had so much better destruction and I think they missed the opportunity to show what Euphoria can show case more than 'Body Movement' physics. Again, good, maybe even GREAT action game. It's nice to see 'Shoot Dodging' again and what not. The story was surprisingly darker than I thought it would be, which is great too. The first two are just better though.
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new dev, game was lost in the bin for years, new game engine everything. it's just like whole new series being built off the name. SO ya it but they did hell of job keeping the 3 in line with the others
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Hell yeah and thanks a lot for your positive responses. It's still a great game but honestly...I think I should have just bought it cheap. This just makes me want to play the original over this, maybe after I beat it but I'm really annoyed with the blurry scenes and well tired of his *I'm drunk till I puke every scene in his home.

They should have just remade the first one really.