A Killcam Issue?

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I kind of have a issue with the lack of a Killcam. It seems like it stops the action and sucks some of the fun out of the game. Max Payne 3 has Natural Motion's physics engine Euphoria which makes every hit of a bullet look lifelike on each character. Maybe it's just me but when you are killed the screen freezes and shows where the bullets hit you and the person who killed you, its just not dynamic to the gameplay. I would rather it finish the death animation then go to this screen. There has been plenty of times where I was killed and I wanted the game to show how it happened. Then after go to that screen. And for the ones who don't want to watch it, they can respawn in normal time. In the Story Mode, Max Payne really shines with the Bullet-Cam sequence. Would you all like that to be implemented into the multiplayer mode as well?
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This is exactly what i was thinking funnily enough, overall the game looks fantastic regarding both mp and sp and i'm extremely excited to play it on friday, my only gripe is the killcam, while i really like the style of it and how they implement some unique featurs( where you got shot) i agree with you that showing the death animation then cutting to the information screen would have been a better idea, would love to see if they consider it, either way i can deal with having a small issue with the killcam seeing as everything else they've shown for the game i love

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GOOD DAY Rockstar! (I hope you're partying like one after the launch of Max Payne 3) :D First I will say, Max Payne 3 is fantastic. Bloody good fun. My only GRIPE with it is the MULTIPLAYER KILLCAM. When you die, you are abruptly taken to TWO STILL FRAMES, one being of your KILLER and one of YOURSELF. I find that this sudden halt in gameplay, though creative in theory, takes away from the AMAZING DEATH ANIMATION SYSTEM you've incorporated using EUPHORIA animation. MY SUGGESTION is that you ALLOW THE DEATH ANIMATION TO PLAY OUT completely, enabling the player to view the carnage imparted upon their game avatar without a sudden cut in the action (THEN you could show the comic panels of your killer and self AFTER you've seen your body laced up with lead lol). This would enhance the overall enjoyment of the multiplayer experience, and decrease the likelihood of player frustration; THEREFORE sustaining a larger player community over time. MY THEORY, when it comes to video games, is this: *If you make a game just as fun to watch YOURSELF DIE as it is to watch your ENEMY DIE -- BOTH SIDES WIN and everybody's happy.* PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider this. This is honestly the one thing in Max Payne 3 that irritates me to no end when playing multiplayer. There is such a beautiful killcam in the single player, and I was absolutely heart broken to see it missing from multiplayer. If this change was implemented, in my opinion, the game would be perfect and I would continue to play for many moons to come. So to RECAP. Please allow the players to *SEE* ourselves die and go through the Euphoria death animation in its entirety when killed in multiplayer via an ALTERATION to the KILLCAM. You then can follow that up with still frames and comic panels that are currently used in the multiplayer killcam postmortem. I honestly believe, in my heart, that if you were to alter the killcam in Max Payne 3's multiplayer as I have presented, YOU will make your LOYAL, LOVING, CARING and PASSIONATE followers, consumers, and supporters very very happy. :) Thank you for taking the time to read this and may God continue to bless you in all your current and future video game endeavors. - Joel Hague
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I support this. But am I the only one that multiplayer completely freezes on sometimes?????
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They should have split the screen and shown the 'Body Hits' board thingy, with you fully being able to see your Death Animation. It would have been even cooler to see (Only on your side), a slow-mo of the bullet that came and caused your death, and then you Respawn.