A few multiplayer questions.

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So, I've been watching some streams of the game, and it looks awesome in my opinion. I do have a 360, and a ps3, but I'm going to wait and purchase this game for the pc instead, since I prefer aiming with a mouse. I have a few questions regarding the multiplayer, and I would appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to answer. 1. Is there any mode that is "harder", and where enemies names won't show up as soon as they are in your screen? This is the only thing that kind of bugs me, and I know that in RDR, you could play some hardcore mode where names didn't show unless you were aiming straight at them. This makes it possible to play more sneaky and use more tactics. 2. On the streams I've been watching, when they switch between different game modes, I've seen modes like "Hardcore gang wars", and "Hardcore team deathmatch" etc, what does this mean? In what way are they different than the original? 3. At what rank do you get the 608 bull? (I'm planning on dual-wielding those) 4. When you customize your characters appearance, do you do it individually for every gang? That's all for now, Thanks.