A Dame, A Dork, and a Drunk Question

#1 Posted by FlankerDFMax (1777 posts) -

When I get to the tip the cabinet over to make a bridge part of this mission, the cabinet won't tip over (tried pressing E repeatedly, and pressing E and holding it), and Max is stuck to the cabinet and can't back away from it.

Anyone else experienced this apparent mission glitch/bug? TY!

#2 Posted by Frag_Maniac (2059 posts) -

Some have reported it as a bug, but then later realized they weren't doing it properly. Make sure your repeated taps are fast, as per how the onscreen icon is flashing. Also I would unplug any other control peripherals like gamepads, etc, if you have any simultaneously attached.

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I had the same problem, tried synchronizing the tapping "E" key with the onscreen flashes, simultaneously using other keys, etc. Cannot get past this point unless someone knows of a work-around. Perhaps this has to do with network lag? Maddening bottleneck in this game.

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Perhaps this has to do with network lag?goindownsmokin

"Network lag" in the sp campaign? Doesn't even make sense. The game is pretty well optimized too. I play at 1600x900 with Very High/High settings on a mere GTS 250. 

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Belatedly......................FM,thanks for the reply....................I got through this level on a subsequent play through...................some kinda gltich, I guess.